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Improving Individual Health and Wellness
Robertson Wellness proprietary Behavioral Medicine Programs are founded on the understanding that brain chemistry plays a major role in an individual’s moods, behavior, and performance. The programs address an individual's unique physiology, helping them to become better empowered to address behavioral issues that may inhibit optimal medical health, mental health, and performance.  Designed after 20 years of research and over 15,000 test cases involving highly successful wellness programs built on understanding a person's unique brain chemistry, the BCOP gives careful consideration to areas including individual brain chemistry, genetic and environmental influences, health history and individual preferences in order to design workable, actionable plans to optimize lives.

Following the completion of an online survey, Robertson Wellness’s computerized diagnostics count, weigh, correlate and categorize an individual's self-reported history, life style and physiological symptoms as they relate to brain chemistry.  This sophisticated evaluation of peripheral signs and symptoms that a person can feel or describe through a questionnaire, results in the most accurate indication of central brain chemical excesses or deficiencies as they relate to what is optimal for the individual available today.

Individual behavioral medicine recommendations are based on hundreds of medical research studies which demonstrate that specific tuning of various areas including diet, activity, stress management, and music can change brain chemical levels and improve moods, behavior and performance.  The specific plan addresses the symptoms of five main brain chemicals: norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin, GABA and acetylcholine. 
Who Can Benefit?
Understanding the link between biochemistry and behavior helps to optimize personal health, performance and eliminate unwanted behaviors.

Participants most qualified to participate in the BCOP are often those who fit the following categories:
·         Individuals who have tried other programs and failed
·         Individuals resistant to taking  medication (assuming mild to moderate conditions)
·         Individuals who have experienced success in other programs but were unable to maintain the results over time
·         Individuals willing to accept personal responsibility for their health care
·         Individuals who are seeking mind/body/soul enhancement
·         Individuals who are suffering mildly from mental, physical, and emotional issues
The BCOP is not appropriate for individuals who are currently addicted to alcohol or drugs, are younger than 12 years of age, and/or have a psychiatric condition uncontrolled by medications. 
Robertson Wellness serves as a health care advocate to mental and medical healthcare professionals.  Education is open to anyone and all are welcome.  However, training in the use of the behavioral medicine programs as a supplement to client/patient care and corporate consulting is available.  
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