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Robertson Wellness uses evidence-based medicine to precisely tailor one size fits one recommendations to alter your brain chemistry to reach the most optimal outcome for you.

Brain Chemistry

Your brain is your hard drive. Its neurochemicals impact all aspects of your life. What neurochemical imbalances might you have? Your health, performance and relationships are at risk if you are not consciously managing your brain chemistry.

Health, Performance and Relationship Inhibitors

What inhibitors are preventing optimal living for you?  We will not just identify them but will give you specific strategies to remove them.

Health Risks

Determining your imbalances and other factors will point you to your potential health risks and will empower you to practice preventative measures.

Precision Medicine

Everyone deserves a one size fits one approach to health and performance. You have a unique brain print, reward center, health risk, and genetic makeup that is yours. Put all this together and find out what is getting in your way to becoming a better you… today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.

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One Size Fits One

Everyone that comes to Robertson Wellness is seeking ways to move beyond traditional data gathering and discover evidence-based research-proven solutions that pinpoint, reduce, and eliminate health and performance risk factors and promote wellness.

Corporate Performance Programs

Experience our renowned performance enhancement programs & see the benefits that others have found for you, your team, and organization.

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Individual Health and Wellness Programs

Looking to improve your health, performance, and relationships? Personalized care based upon the Robertson Wellness approach has been working with individuals for over 30 years providing personalized treatment plans to help achieve individual health, performance and relationship goals.

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Learn about how Robertson Wellness uses its science-based approach to lead the way in providing precision healthcare solutions.

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Experience premier proactive management of your health and performance today directed by Dr. Joel Robertson.

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Who We Are

Our mission is to provide innovative health and wellness solutions that use state-of-the-art yet practical science to ultimately enhance the overall health, performance, and relationship of those that we serve.

Our Core Values

Evidence Based Medicine

Results & Outcomes

Intentional Trust

More about the story behind Robertson Wellness

The Founder

Robertson Wellness was founded by Dr. Joel C. Robertson, a widely recognized leader in the area of brain chemistry. He is an internationally recognized clinician, best-selling author, lecturer, and consultant. Over the past 20 years, Robertson Wellness has assessed over 15,000 individuals, seeking to improve their personal performance, health, and wellness.

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